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MusicN token MINT

Be a Music Copyright Holder
Anyone Can Be a Music Copyright Holder

“Blockchain-based music copyright and
neighboring rights trading platform”

The combination of blockchain and the music industry started in 2015. The music industry was one of the first industries to experience piracy damage due to the digitization of content. Because copyright and neighboring rights issues are the most acute, continuous management is essential.

As a music copyright and neighboring rights trading platform based on blockchain technology, the Music& platform supports investment in copyrights and neighboring rights by using copyright-linked tokens (Music& tokens), and providing rewards with ecosystem users for their participation, purchasing activities, staking, etc. Breaking away from the existing centralized system, it secures transparency that can be traced around multiple nodes and stability that cannot be forged, which means the mutual sharing of profits according to the consensus protocol becomes a factor that circulates the Music& platform.

The Music& platform manages copyrights and neighboring rights in a transparent and fair manner. By securing excellent musicians, planning managers, and production systems, it not only provides simple digital music consumption, but also establishes itself as a new IP financial investment tool.

“The right for everyone to receive monthly income for over 70 years”

At the core of the Music& token economy is a system that rewards tokens according to the contribution rate of participants based on the “music copyright and neighboring rights trading system.” The copyright-linked token and the Music& utility token "MINT" are a key medium in the composition of the Music& platform ecosystem as a means of guaranteeing the rights of platform participants and rewarding them according to their performance.
* Copyright Usages Structures that Generate Profits *
* Value Up through Remake *

※ Copyright keeps generating royalty revenue until the year-end of 70years from the year of the original copyright creator's death

※ Remake Mater right keeps generating royalty revenue untile the year-end of 70 years from the beginnig of next year of the song released

How to acquire MINT
  • Music&Cash L2E (Listen To Earn)
  • Purchasing Music& NFT & Participating
  • Music& Governance & Community Activities
  • Crypto Asset Exchange
  • Staking Bonus
  • Airdrop and etc.
Using MINT
  • Bearing related rights to purchased K-POP Copyright
  • Participating K-POP music production
  • Purchasing K-Culture Goods
  • Privileged participation right to K-POP Private event
  • Purchasing goods in Music&Cash Shop
  • Purchasing Music& NFT & Participating
  • Staking
  • Donation
Advantages of owning MINT
  • Up to 70 year airdrop for particular Music& NFT purchase
  • Airdrop for Staking service registration
  • Privileged participation right to K-POP Private event
  • Bearing related rights to purchased K-POP Copyright
  • Participating K-POP music production
  • Participation right for Music& Private Lounge event
  • Bearing right for pension-like airdrop for at least 70 years
Investor Protection
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Technical review report
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MusicN token MINT, as a Klaytn-based Blockchain Application (Bapp), will create a new blockchain world with a variety of projects in the Klaytn ecosystem.